Cómo cura la avena

Cómo cura la avena

Dr. Miquel Pros

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Trade Paperback  | 208 pages
Discover the benefits of a healthier, more natural life throughout this entertaining guide to the wholesome cereal. Learn to take care of your body in a simple yet delicious manner.

For Dr. Miquel Pros, a naturist with a long professional trajectory and who is most likely the world’s expert in the therapeutic use of oatmeal, to prescribe a diet based on this cereal is to honor the Hippocratic Oath of letting “food be thy medicine”.

Oatmeal is the most wholesome cereal to exist: among its multiple beneficial effects to health is its ability to purify and energize, as well as its potential to lengthen life span and add vitality to our organism. Moreover, oatmeal can contribute to a serene spirit and calm state of mind. This guide analyzes the unique properties of oatmeal and offers delicious yet simple recipes to add to your day-to-day meal plan.

Over 85,000 copies of this book have been sold throughout the world, and—in addition to attendees to his online conferences—over three million followers of Dr. Pros know how regularly eating oatmeal quickly improves their health without sacrifices, without medicine, and in a way that is one hundred percent natural.

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