Running: mejora tu técnica, evita lesiones, perfecciona tu entrenamiento

Chris Napier

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Discover the hard science that will help you run faster, endure for longer, and avoid injury.

Science of Running goes further than any other running book to interrogate the muscle groups and bodily systems involved in being an effective runner, and shows how you can apply the insights gained to train for optimal performance.

The book examines the running motion of the body, showing what’s going on under the skin at every stage, and explains how you can analyse your own running style and re-train your gait to prevent injury and increase efficiency.

Clear and detailed CGI artworks demonstrate 30 key exercises targeting strength, flexibility, and recovery - each exercise annotated to reveal the muscle mechanics so you know you’re getting it right.

The book also explains the science behind your body’s energy systems, including aerobic and anaerobic metabolism, hydration, and nutrition, and shows how you can prepare and train to maximise energy storage and conversion.

A series of integrated exercise and training programmes, tailored to different abilities, injury risks, and distances - from complete beginners, through 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon - bring everything together to help you plan a running regime that’s right for you.

The human body is a machine designed to run and all machines need a manual. Explore the mechanics and physiology of each stride and grasp the new sports science that will take you from slow to pro.

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