The Buddha and the Badass

The Buddha and the Badass

Vishen Lakhiani

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320 pages

The New York Times bestselling author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind challenges everything you thought you knew about how to inspire and empower your teams.

The Code of the Extraordinary Team is a call to action for business leaders or anyone who aspires to be one. Corporate pioneer Vishen Lakhiani reveals the revolutionary culture-hacking formula he used to grow Mindvalley, his burgeoning personal development business that went from $700 into a $50 Million business with zero funding. It’s a clearly defined, five-step process that can transform your company into a magnet for the world’s top talent, create a growth-centric culture, and engineer an environment of symbiotic co-creation, where the balance of autonomy, collaboration, and connection breeds happy, productive teams. You’ll learn:

How to attract the right people: Focus not on hiring into specific roles, but hiring people who fit the culture you’re trying to build.

How to create a motivated, inspired work culture: Vishen shares the four emotions that are dominant across all people looking for jobs so you can hire the right people.

How to create a culture where employees live better lives outside of work: Vishen shares his theory that we should work for the “minimum effective dose”—working harder, not longer, taking advantage of short spikes of energy to get a lot done.

How to coax the leadership instinct in your people: You should want your employees to be so good that they eventually leave you!

How to prepare for the future of work: What will the workplace look like when AI and robots replace employees and universal income is implemented?

This is a guide to transforming your beliefs and habits to realize happiness, achieve success, and fulfill your purpose, using the exact strategies Lakhiani used to fuel Mindvalley’s explosive growth.

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