The History Book

The History Book


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Trade Paperback  | 352 pages
Discover the key themes and big ideas behind more than 80 of the world’s most important historical events—from the dawn of civilization to the 21st century.

From the origins of Homo sapiens to the Space Race, and from the French Revolution to the Digital Revolution, this installment in DK’s bestselling Big Ideas series offers an essential exploration of the human timeline up to and including the rise of modern Islam, the world wide web, and the global financial crisis. With entries on the fight for women’s rights and the publication of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, The History Book reveals that history is more than just world wars and battles.

Exploring world history and the impact of key historical figures, it has never been easier to examine the causes and consequences of the signing of the Magna Carta, the Wall Street Crash, or the fall of the Berlin Wall. Making big historical ideas accessible and easy to understand, with stunning visuals, authoritative text, and memorable quotes, The History Book is perfect for students, adults, or anyone who wants to travel back in time and understand the fascinating past of mankind.

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